Sources of Inspiration

November 22, 2017

When you stop and think about it, it is truly amazing how we can find inspiration in the world around us very easy for new subjects of photography, be it landscapes of a country scene or a cityscape. It is just a matter of getting the camera out and exploring to find new opportunities to photograph.

I like to explore an area when traveling, to get an understanding of the local sites and make a list of potential places to come back and take a properly composed image in the ideal conditions. Often I will scout with my iPhone camera so I can review locations and plan later on.

Recently, I was in London, only for a short visit, however, the architecture there is so interesting I could explore the city each day. I love visiting other countries, everything is new and you can find some real gems. The landscapes everywhere are beautiful and potentially a great photo, assuming the conditions all line up for what you are wanting to achieve..

An example is while walking through Hyde Park, I was able to find this small workers cottage – see it here.

house hyde park london landscape photograph

It almost felt out of place amongst the trees, however clearly had been there for a while and was still being used. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it, I was glad I had my main camera with me! The beautiful autumn colours added real interest to the scene.

While I have mainly visited the typical tourist locations over the past 12 months, I always try to find a different angle or perspective to what is commonly photographed at each site. Keep an open mind to how you will take that photograph – especially for those places where every second image on Instagram is of the same angle! Perhaps all you need to do is take a few steps either side of the main lookout for another interesting angle. Enjoy shooting landscapes!

sources of inspiration












St Paul’s Cathedral, London

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