Acrylic Facemount Photograph Unboxing

February 19, 2019

Here are some recent photographs of my landscape photograph titled Childers Cove Sunset.

It can be helpful to see, that we take great care in the finished product of all of our images. This particular one is the Premium Facemount Acrylic option, which looks stunning and was recently delivered to a very satisfied customer!

All of the framed prints are very well protected with multiple levels of wrapping, foam and thick framing so you can be assured that your photograph will arrive in mint condition when it arrives.

You can also see that the image is mounted on a solid piece of aluminium which provides strength to the image and is designed to last for many years to come.

Hooks are located on the frame for instant hanging. It is important that the larger pieces are hung on seperate hooks to ensure that the frame does not have extra stress and reduce any risk of warping. Using individual hooks also allows for a better hanging experience where the frame is closer to the wall, rather than using a piece of wire between the hooks which is not recommended.

The Final Reveal! – Childers Cove (Victoria, Australia)

This is our most popular finish – Facemount Acrylic. The actual photographs are printed on a metallic pearl premium paper and then adhered to the UV resistant acrylic which makes the image really jump from the paper.

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